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The Best Advice for Saving as Much as You Can

When it comes to saving money, everyone has their own “advice”.

Some of it’s helpful. Some less so. Some can be downright dangerous.

In what I do, only two things matter when it comes to working out what the right advice to give is:

  • The basis for that advice. In other words, the clear and evidence-based rationale as to how it will make someone’s situation better
  • The data that backs it up.

That doesn’t mean that hearing about what works for others isn’t useful. There’s always an intuitive aspect to human knowledge that shouldn’t be discounted.

What’s worked for me when looking at different opinions is to look for many different ideas and concepts, and find the truth amongst them, and this article from Alicia Adamczyk is an example of that.

She’s pulled together a range of tidbits of advice about saving more from a range of financial bloggers, analysts and non-advisers, finding commonalities around:

  • Starting early
  • Automation makes budgeting easier.
  • The more decisions you can remove, the easier it gets.

Well worth a read and would love to know if you have any pearls of your own.


8 Steps to Financial Fitness

The 8 Steps to Financial Fitness that we overview here provide the foundations to delivering a great retirement outcome, instead of just an okay one. Our role is to act as your Personal Financial Trainer that helps you establish your goals, work out your program and keep you accountable along the way.

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