How to scan your AirBnB for hidden cameras

Let me just say now that I love AirBnb.

I’ve never been a huge fan of hotels. I mean sometimes they are fantastic, when you’re in the mood for the whole experience. Other times I find myself wanting more of a “live-like-a-local-experience”, with more of the amenities of home and no strings, only someone else’s home with all-new stuff.

However, I’ve found myself wondering, well, what if…

That’s why I liked this article written for Pocket by Aaron Mak.

If you don’t know Pocket, it’s an app that comes highly recommended. It’s kind of a digital scrapbook, allowing you to easily “pocket’ articles that you particularly liked for later re-visiting or set aside thing you want to read later. It’s my own personal library of the internet, if you like.

In the articles Aaron covers a few areas which I just liked reading about it – maybe it’s just too many spy novels read?

  • Apps to help detection
  • Common objects used to hide cameras
  • Importantly, AirBnB’s policy around cameras.

Let’s be honest, it’ll probably never happen, and I hope it never does, but it’s an interesting read and at least I now know what to look for.

The article is here

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