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11 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout

I think we’ve all had those moments in life where we’ve felt a little frayed around the edges, right?

The pace of modern life combined with juggle family, work, friends and everything else has it’s impact on all of us. No one is immune to feeling stressed out from time-to-time.

Burn out on the other hand is a very different beast altogether, and something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

I wanted to share this article by Seth Simonds because it had some really simple strategies to help avoid burnout which frankly I think all of us could easily take on board and follow. That’s why I think it’s such a good piece and so worth sharing. Sometimes the solution to something as serious as burnout doesn’t have to lie in adopting the latest time management fad or meditating for two hours a day (though I do believe it’s a practice with merit).

Sometimes these “upheaval” habits can be hard, compared to simple things like:

  • Find a new hobby (drones, anyone?)
  • Ask for help (well, yes, actually I could do with a hand. Can we pay for the kids party instead?)
  • Make other laugh (we all have that friend, right?_

This article was a reminder to me that sometimes the solution to stress is closer than I’d realised.

The article is here

What’s your best strategy for avoiding burnout?

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